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Surrogate compensation + benefits

We understand that each Surrogate is different, which is why are packages are designed to be customizable and flexible. At Modernly Ever After, we offer a generous compensation package for women who agree to carry and deliver a baby for future parents.  

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How much do surrogates get paid?

Although the gift of parenthood and new life is priceless, we want our Surrogates to be cherished for their selflessness.


Typically compensation for first-time surrogates begins at a base pay of: $45,000 - $50,000. Factors such as being pregnant with multiples, delivery method and more can increase the total amount of compensation. Modernly Ever After determines your base compensation on a tier system. You can make up to $85,000 as a base compensation with Modernly Ever After.

All of your expenses are paid by the Intended Parents and/or insurance. We offer amazing benefits along with a secure payment process to ensure a healthy and successful journey

Benefits for Modernly Ever After Surrogates

Life Insurance

Lost Wages

Travel Accommodations

Child Care Allowance

Household Allowance

Wellness Programs

Personalized Gifts

Pregnant Woman Staying Fit
Pregnant Woman in Nature

Understanding surrogate pay

As a Surrogate, you will be compensated monetarily throughout the duration of your pregnancy.


Surrogate pay with Modernly Ever After includes: base compensation, payments during and after pregnancy, and additional benefits from us and your Intended Parents. 

Modernly Ever After has structured your earnings into easy and timely scheduled payments. We package all of your payments in an effortless way that allows you to plan ahead for you and your family.


Apply to become a Surrogate today!

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