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The Journey To Our Modernly Ever After Through Surrogacy

Intended Parents of Modernly Ever After Surrogacy Agency with their daughter baby K born via Surrogacy

After consulting with doctors, they chose a modern approach. Utilizing third-party reproductive technology and a Surrogate. They did some research and came across Ciara of Modernly Ever After - a full service Surrogacy and Egg Donation Agency.

Kiera and Will stated, “Ciara was very knowledgeable and professional. She immediately made us feel at ease.”

When speaking with our parents, it is important that we listen to their needs, educate, set clear expectations, maintain transparency and continue to guide them through every step of their journey.

For many families Surrogacy may not seem like a viable option, but for Kiera and Will

“We knew Modernly Ever After was the agency we wanted to work with, after speaking with the Intended Parent Coordinator. We saw that their team was focused on helping us expand our family, the agency fee was affordable and we were given a thorough understanding of the process including all of the pro’s and con’s of the journey.”

Once our Intended Parents decided to utilize our services, we began the next steps in their journey. Given that our Intended Parents didn’t stay in a Surrogate friendly state we introduced them to Surrogates that did. They met with one of our California Surrogates and wanted to match right away.

After matching our Intended Parents with their Surrogate they began the process of creating more quality embryos to have a better chance at a successful transfer.

“We were so anxious after the transfer, the two week wait felt like an eternity! Once we received the call from our IVF clinic about the Beta numbers it was a sigh of relief but once we heard our baby’s heartbeat, that made it real for us.”

During pregnancy, we make sure we stay in constant contact with our Intended Parents and Surrogate. Communication is key to a successful journey, making it as smooth as possible.

“Our Surrogate made sure to include us in all appointments and updates. If we weren't able to virtually attend an appointment, we were always kept informed by our Case Coordinator at Modernly Ever After or our Surrogate.”

Once our Intended Parents and their Surrogate reach the end stretch of the journey, it is imperative that we make sure parentage rights are established and all parties involved are on the same page. This leads to a smooth transition for birth and taking the baby home.

“Our Surrogate agreed to have one of us in the delivery room at the time of birth. To see our daughter come into this world was such an overwhelming and amazing experience.”

Once our Surrogates deliver and the Intended Parents are given their baby, our job as the Agency isn't over. We make sure all parties are still supported as they adjust to their new normal.

“We received our Modernly Ever After! Every bit of this experience made the journey worth it. Working with the Modernly Ever After Agency made the journey to parenthood possible for us and overall a great experience.”

We thank Keira and Will, and all of our Intended Parents for entrusting us with expanding their families. We also want to thank our selfless Surrogates, for their dedication to the process. Together we make parenting possible!

*Disclaimer: Rights of images and consent of use has been given to Modernly Ever After, LLC. *

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